Thursday, April 23, 2009

BIS sweep

Hey Everyone,

Once again, I'm sorry for the abscence. But I do have good news.

last weekend at the Bakersfield show on 4/18, We took a BIS in both open AND youth for show B!!! Yes, that's right! Gard's Waffles took BOB Show A & B youth, and BIS youth Show B, under Jennifer Henderson(me), and AK's Highlander took BIS open Show B, under Mary & Jennifer Henderson. This is my mom's first BIS while it is my 5th(plus 1 Reserve).
We did not end up going to the National Fuzzy Lop show in Utah. But we will definetly be going to the Convention. That is all I have to report right now. here are some pictures of our winners:

Gard's Waffles wins BIS for youth^

AK's Highlander wins BIS open^

Friday, January 23, 2009

Absence of Infinity

Hi Everyone,

Sorry I have been gone for so long. At Convention I got cuaght up and busy with the rabbits. Well, I'll refresh on the BIS experience at convention. It was awesome, but it arroused the crowd with luaghter when the judge took Bubba out to examine him. the judge sat for nearly 15 minutes trying to get him to pose. Bubba, with the adorable attitude he has, was literally running up and down the judging table, and he was so distracted he wouldn't sit still. Well, after that I had NUMEROUS people coming up to me telling me how much they loved my rabbit, and that he was such a character. hahaha.

12 days after I returned home from Convention, I was sitting in my last period class when I shifted around in my desk and my leg started hurting really bad. over a couple hours, it got worse and worse, the worst pain I ever felt. I couldn't walk, and it hurt just maintaining the weight of my leg. the next day we went into urgent care and they did Xrays. After nearly 6 hours of waiting IN the Doctor's office, they finally concluded there was a leasion(area of abnormality) on my hip bone. after many, many weeks, they had MRI's and bone scans done, they concluded that it was a cyst(hole filled with liquid) INSIDE the bone. I had to have surgery.

on January 8th I had surgery, concluding that it was infact a cyst, but with minimal liquid, so it was mostly just this big hole in my bone. they filled it with artificial bone, and I am now healing. It was extremely painful for the first week, especially for those nights in the hospital. I am still fighting pain, but that will not stop me from seeing my favorite rabbit show friends! I went to a show a week and a half after surgery.

I am sorry for this long absence, and will be returning to my blog. My rabbit shows are limited this year, but I will be attending the National Fuzzy Lop show(Utah) and the 2009 ARBA Convention, as that is in my home state, California. I look forward to these upcoming events.

I have to say, I am going ot look on the bright side my miserable week and say we sure have some cute babies! I really hope they aren't right in the middle of their uglies at Nationals. They will most likely be more ready for convention competition, as our line blooms later on, right when they turn senior. New Show Results from the last couple of shows are up on my site. Speaking of websites, our website is being redone, a brand new, beautiful site, created by one of my best friends Rachelle Torango! She creates WONDERFUL websites and graphics, and I DEFINETLY reccomend her to even the top breeders in the nation, becuase she definetly has an eye for putting it all together. her website is Here:


Monday, October 27, 2008

Run For the Roses

"Run For the Roses" is a song after the Kentucky Derby, in the winner's Circle. Today was amazing, probably the best day ever. Today was the judging, and our judge was none other than the famous Carol Green. Our results are as fallows:

Gard's Waffles SSB- 2/17!
MG's Mew SSD- 7/(15?)
MG's Tanzy SJD- 2/5
MG's Bubba Gump BSB- 1/12!
PFF's Simon BSB- 2/12!
PFF's Dazzle BSD- 5/24!!!
MG's Tangerine BJB- 3/6

and MG's Bubba Gump went on to win BOV, and then BOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUBBA ALSO GOT BEST WOOL OUT OF 9!!!!! Tomorrow is the General meeting and the youth meeting, and also BIS judging. I will keep you posted.


Sunday, October 26, 2008

Up, Up and Awayyy!

Well, we are currently at the 2008 Convention in Louisville, Kentucky. The plane ride was horrribleeee. My butt has never been so soar in my entire life from sitting on a plane for 5 hours. During the connection flight in Atlanta, Georgia, we were boarding the plane when they told us and a friend that there was no more room in the bin for our rabbits kennels!!! They overbooked the kennels, and alot of people had JUMBO sized crates that were taking up all of the room! We had the 2 smallest kennels. We went to the front of the plane, argued with everyone working there. We even had the pilot out of his seat. Eventually after20 minutes of complaining, debating, and resisting, they finally re-arranged the crates and were able to fit our crates in. I was not about to leave my buns behind. Tomorrow is the judging, and I will keep you posted.

until then,

Friday, October 17, 2008

What's that? a hat...

So, we are exactly one week away from when I leave for Convention!!! I will be flying out EARLYY Saturday morning. I am very excited, and have been grooming and blowing my rabbits every, single, day.

I really would like to meet all of you fellow breeders. I will be doing ALOT of work monday morning, and will not have a single second to spare. but I will be around the fuzzy lop area often, open and youth(mostly youth), so try and spot me to say hello. I have brown hair with long blonde strands and blonde in front. I will often be wearing a BRIGHT orange jacket if it is cold, or black shirts, maybe a tye with a HAT. Haha, if my mom will let me bring it. it is a black kind of Rat Pack type of hat.

if you cant find me, im pretty sure we will meet at the banquet!

Everyone be sure to show up for the youth membership meeting RIGHT after the general meeting(the general meeting is at 10:30 am tuesday). If you don't show up for the general meeting it would still be great if you came to the youth meeting . If you cant come to that, or arent going to convention, you can send me some ideas that you have about getting new youth members involved. send ideas to:

I will also try and get onto the blog AND forums to post my results, even if I get last place in every class. haha. If they don't have free internet, I won't be able to post until I get back.

See you all at convention!
P.S. most of the time I will probebly have lots of wool on my shirt as I always forget to wear my appron while grooming!!! haha.
until Cenvention,
Jennifer Henderson

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Its all uphill form here

We have been doing very well with our winnings recently. At our last show, In Stockton on September 20th, we BOB in OPEN with AK's Highlander(BSB), we also took BOB in show B with MG's Twix(BSD) and BOSB with Highlander. In our youth shows, we took:

Show A:

BOV solids- MG's Tanzy(SJD) her first leg!!!
BOSV Brokens- WH's Blue(BSD)
BOSB- Tanzy

Show B:
BOV solids- MG's Susie(SJD) her first leg at her first show!!!!
BOV Brokens- WH's Blue(BSD) her 30TH LEG!!! GOOOO BLUEE!!!
BOB- WH's Blue

I also wanted to congratulate Susie Cederlof on winning BOB in show A and BOSB in show B with Addison!!!

Did you sign up for convention? I sure did. Entries were due on the 22nd. I am bringing 7 rabbits:

Waffles SSB
MG's Mew SSD
MG's Tanzy SJD
PFF's Simon BSB
MG's Bubba Gump BSB
PFF's Dazzle BSD
MG's Tangerine BJB

I hope to see you there. When it comes closer to the convention dates I will add a post talking about convention and what I will be wearing/look like so you can identify me. here is one of my recent drawings incase anyone wanted me to draw something for them:

ta-ta for nowww,

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Convention Here we Come!!!

CAUTION: This post contains too many topics too talk about, so we have started with recent show results.

The Montery County Fair(youth) yesterday was AWESOME! We had the judge Randy Cler all the way from Alaska!! Results:

BOV solids- MG's Mew SSD
BOSV- Gard's Waffles SSB
BOV brokens- MG's Bubba Gump BSB
BOB- Bubba
BOSB- Blue

and MG's Bubba Gump went on to win RESERVE IN SHOW and BEST OF FUR!!!

Recently our rabbits have taken an amazing uphill direction. Our Juniors, for the first time, look AMAZING! This is extremely rare for M & G Rabbitry, becuase usually our rabbits don't begin to blossom until a LONG while after turning senior. MG's Tanzy(youth), MG's Mandy(open), MG's Tangerine(youth), and MG's Susie(youth), have all become what have been our best juniors, well, in forever!!! And they all share the same dad, AK's Highlander. I have decided to take 2 or 3 of my Convention Juniors to Convention.

the other uphill topic, is now my own breedings are doing great! MG's Oliver(retired) was my first grand champion, earning 19 Legs before ending his career. MG's Milkyway was my second(still showing) having 10 legs, and now being beaten by his own son! That's right, MG's Bubba Gump took a HUGE advantage on the show tables in September of '07, just before turning senior, winning his first BOB, and from there on winning at about 90% of the shows he attends. Bubba currently has 16, pure, BOB legs and winning a Breeder's Class(people enter their best homebred rabbit) at the Rohnert Park show in February '08. Earlier that February, Bubba has won BEST OF FUR at the Cloverdale Citrus fair. Now totalling a number of 6 Honorable Mentions for BIS, 1 RIS, 2 BEST OF FUR's, and one breeder's class, and currently 3rd FLOY, the name "Bubba" truly fits.

Now, knowing EXACTLY who I'm taking to Convention, I can't wait for the day to finally be here. Convention is almost here, and I couldn't be more excited.